Diverse Identities in Sport

Image Project Partners at kick-off meeting, Sofia Feb 2018

Diverse Identities in Sport is an original, exciting and dynamic multilateral European project which will raise awareness of innovative and inclusive approaches to increasing participation and equal access in sport of those excluded as a result of their gender identity or sexual orientation. This project will critically examine the access, participation and visibility of people within sport who identify in diverse ways, in particular looking at lesbian gay bisexual people, transgender people, intersex people, queer and non-binary and other gender non-conforming identities. The project will involve people from the UK, Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria who have diverse identities who will work together as Action Panels to tell the stories of their relationship to sport. These stories will be collated into a new resource by one of the partners who is an expert in multimedia publishing, storytelling and documentary film-making – the resource will contribute towards principles of good practice. Activity Days in each of the participating countries will bring people with diverse identities together with professionals who work in the field of sport to explore innovative approaches to social inclusion which will also contribute to the good practice. This resource and the good practice principles will be shared by professionals who operate in the field of sport at a final dissemination conference. This aims to ensure that they understand the benefits of the social inclusion of involving people with diverse identities in sport, the importance of equal opportunities as it relates to those with diverse identities, and have increased awareness of diverse identities. The project will also empower Action Panel members to re-engage in their relationship with sport by promoting the uptake of voluntary activities in sport and by engaging them with a sports movement.

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