Narrowing the Margins

Image Project Partners at kick-off meeting, Paris Feb 2018

Narrowing the Margins is a challenging and innovative multilateral European project which will tackle the inclusion of those who are so far into the margins of sport they are touching the edges. Many people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex are already experiencing exclusion from sport, and for those who also have additional exclusions such as disability, age, ethnicity, refugee status, social class or levels of poverty and income, equal access to physical activity or sporting opportunities is problematic. This project will involve collaboration with partners from the UK, France, Germany, Slovakia and Bulgaria.  The premise of the project is to:

  • use the opportunities of major sporting competitions which engage high numbers of inactive people, as a means of reaching those in the furthest sporting margins
  • use non-formal methodologies as a way to encourage and sustain access and participation in voluntary sport activities
  • embed sport as a tool within non-formal approaches
  • create a solution-focused synergy between partners whose expertise vary between sport, games, youth and community work and equality

This project will consist of awareness raising activities which encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport, will produce a toolkit of how to use non-formal learning approaches within equality in sport work, and will conclude with a conference where the toolkit will be launched.

Diverse Identities in Sport

Rainbow Youth for Sporting Equality